Trecking – Loving Nature

Villa Als Marmarei is a perfect place for nature lovers. Tranquility and peace from the endless blue horizon and the wild nature on account of the gorge with the oleanders, are the rewards of your stay in Als Marmarei. You can run into eagles, partridges, rabbits and also donkeys, horses and goats from the neighboring grounds. The nature of Kea is always sprouting, no matter the season or the growth rate of society’s industrialization.


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With villa Als Marmarei as a base the visitor can discover the wild and untamed beauty of Kea that is different from the other Cycladic islands. Kea is a unique destination, a paradise for trekking lovers. The island has a net of 36 kilometers of marked hiking trails, 65% of which are very ancient paved paths. Most of them end up on isolated beaches, where the most beautiful secrets are hidden. You pass through unique oak forest with rare windflowers, wild orchids, medicine herbs, aromatic  shrubs, rare mushrooms, colorful lichens, age-old chestnuts, crocuses, irises, wild roses, hyacinths, wild gladiolus and daffodils, that compose a table of exquisite beauty. And finally you arrive at pristine beaches with clear blue waters and ancient cities such as Karthea.

From Als Marmarei, guests can take a 25 minute stroll through the canyon with its oleanders and almond trees en route to Sikamia beach with the crystalline waters, which will provide a great experience of refreshment for hikers. The nearby beautiful beaches of Psili Ammos and Kalidonichi can be reached in 30 and 45 minutes respectively on foot.
Kea is a paradise for hiking lovers!