Kea or Tzia is a very special island of Cyclades. Although it is very close to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (ΑΤΗ), it is a place that has a unique personality, an unparalleled style, combining wild beauty with cosmopolitan life, exceptional archeological sites and tradition. This makes it a special destination for quality holidays, an ideal accommodation for travelers looking for a different experience in Greece.

With a history that continues uninterruptedly from the Neolithic era until today with relative archaeological finds of unique importance, Kea has a special architecture based mainly on  stone,  excellent seas and wild landscape that unlike other Cyclades is also green. Kea is a place where one can enjoy the classic beauty of Greece and live a new holiday experience. From villa ALS MARMAREI the traveler can explore the wild nature of Kea and enjoy  its impressive beauty.


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General information

Kea is a Cycladic island close to the shore of Attiki. It’s only one hour far from Lavrio’s harbor and one hour and a half from Eleftherios Venizelos airport. Due to its location, unadulterated beauty and the convenient transportation, Kea is the perfect place for quality vacation and lasting stay.

The special architecture, which relies on the natural stone of the island, the wild nature with the characteristic oak woods and last but not least the cosmopolitan atmosphere, give Kea its individual personality.

The 3 principle cities of Kea are Korrisia, Limani, Ioulida, Chora and Pisses or Piessa by the ancient designation. The picturesque capital of the Island is Ioulida and it is built up amphitheatrically with the classic architecture of Kea and it is only accessible by foot. Here, the visitor can admire Tsiler’s old city hall and the old primary school. Vourkari, a quaint cosmopolitan marina, with the expensive yachts and the interesting night life, is near the Neolithic settlement of Saint Irene. The aroma of ancient history and tradition is all over Kea!

Kea is a heaven to those who love hiking, because of the 36km of ancient stone paths. In Kea the visitor can have a wonderful time by joining in water sports and diving near the famous ancient shipwrecks.

Even if there are several beautiful beaches in Kea, this island is the ideal destination for those who expect more than the classic holiday. Especially Villa Als Marmarei is a great place for your stay and experience differently Kea.














The ferries to Kea leave from the port of Lavrio. You can reach the port by car, taxi or bus.


  • ATHENS AIRPORT –LAVRIO>1/2 hour by car or taxi. There is also a bus:
  • LAVRIO-KEA >1 hour by ferry.  Schedule :
  • PORT OF KEA-ALS MARMAREI > ½ hour by car, car rental or taxi

Useful Information

  • From Eleftherios Venizelos airport, the buses depart for Lavrio from 6.30 to 20.30 and every 1 hour. The last bus leaves on 22.00. The station is across gate 3.
  • Eleftherios Venizelos airport: tel. 2103530000.
  • Ship schedule:
  • Ticket Booking: &
  • Tel. 22920-26200, 22920-60370, 22920-60371 in Lavrio 22880-21435, 22880-22660 in Kea
  • Aiolos Kenteris Ship 1 & Aqua Jewel tel. 22920-69380 in Lavrio /22880-21920 in Kea
  • Artemis Ship/High Speed 22920-69380 in Lavrio/22880-21920 in Kea/210-3233481 & 210-3233762 & 210-3233819 & 210-3234375 in Athens.

In case you use a private car, you have to book your seat on time.

For the rest of Cyclades there is connectivity with Kythnos, Syros, Tinos, Andros.