Als Marmarei – All Year Round

Als Marmarei on the Greek island of Kea can be enjoyed in ALL SEASONS. 

During Spring, Kea is blanketed by flowers, creating  a panorama of colors across streets, in the depths of the canyons, at the  slits of the rocks,  extending to the sea edge. Visitors can see rare endemic species, wild orchids, saffron, iris, wild roses, aromatic bushes and medicinal herbs.  Along with the nature, body and soul is  also awakened with excitement.

Summertime brings an air of relaxation and indulgence in plesures. The gazing eyes and the human body are purified while they are sinking into the eternal blue of the welcoming sea.  Across the islands sea front the abundance of bays , capes, sandy beaches and hidden sea caves are ready to welcome and refresh the visitor through their crystal clear waters.

The vivid colors of Fall offer visitor peace, quiet and warmth.  This is an ideal time for those looking to find themselves or for couples to find love in a tranquil setting.  It is the best period for hiking and enjoying the warm sea.

Winter in Kea is a unique experience but not for the unadventurous. Vegetation remains green thanks to the friendly humidity, days remain sunny and even when a rare snowfall appears, mild temperature is the norm during the day.  At Als Marmarei, there is always a hospitable fireplace waiting to offer special comfort to guests.


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