Als Marmarei Surrounding Area

Als Marmarei is situated on Kea’s east coast, in the Sikamia area, where the island’s best beaches are found. A little further, you can also find an outstanding virgin beach, Kalidonychi.

Nestled on a hill, overlooking the endless sparkling sea, the landscape around Als Marmarei is wild and hospitable at the same time, typical of the Cycladic islands. It’s the perfect place for relaxing vacation and joy.

Although there are few scattered houses nearby, the predominant feeling is one of peace, isolation and serenity.  This is the reason why Als Marmarei is ideal for nature lovers, yoga retreat, private parties around the pool and wedding parties for a certain amount of people.

Besides the breathtaking view of the big blue, there is a canyon with oleanders and almond trees en route to the sea that is very impressive. Sighting eagles, grouses, rabbits and many other species of wild birds is common, as well as encounters with horses, goats and donkeys from local farms.  In this rustic setting, you will inevitably and easily blend with nature.

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