The beaches of Kea are extraordinary! This is why Kea island is the best place if you want to enjoy the sun and sea of Greece! Some of the beaches, like Poisses, Koundouro, Yaliskari, Otzia,  are organized and easily accessible, even Xyla and Spathi beach, that don’t have a tarmac road.

If you want to reach the most beautiful beaches you have to seek them. You can go there by boat, on foot or by car, but you have to pay a little cost, you’re probably going to drive through loads of dust! You can discover beaches like Kaliskia, Kefala, Liparo, Sykamia, Kalidonychi with wonderful crystal clear water and shingle coasts with sand.

Vila Als Marmarei lies near the two beaches of Sykamia and Kalidonychi and this is the reason, why Als Marmarei combines the visual enchantment and the actual pleasure of the Cycladic waters.

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